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Home fenghuiFengshui (Feng Shui), as a practical philosophy, is an ancient chinese practice and it exists before the Chinese learn to write a long time ago. To understand the history of Fengshui, we can understand the ancient Chinese philosophy. Feng shui can be applied to manipulate chi and create astonishing changes in our lives to attain life fulfillment. Such as houses, building offices, factories etc. The western people adapt the Fengshui theory to their business. For example: Graphic design, Fengshui design, and Constructions design with Fengshui. We usually like to build any constructions under the right of Fengshui rules. We believe that it will be a power to bring lucky, healthy, wealthy, get rid of bad luck, protect from dangerous, help business. And we think will be also get quickly grow up and up in business, too.

Living_room_fengshuiA person’s life path or destiny is determined by three influences of luck. There are Heaven, Earth and Human. Heaven luck is determined by time, including time of birth, associated to gifts, blessings and karma incorporated into our lives when we breathe in the first chi. Earth luck is determined by location,where we stay and work, in which feng shui could play a role to harness this luck. Human luck depends noticeably on our up-bringing, character, education and hard work.

The trinity of heaven, earth and human luck when synchronized together will result in excellent harmony. Fengshui, when applied correctly not only enhance earth luck. But Fengshui could also promote the three kinds of luck to complement each other to result in blessing and bring us towards the upper end of our life destiny.

A Fengshui analysis examines the macro environment, for example external area of a building and micro environment, for example building and interiors or the time-related factors for example current “Feng shui period” according to lunar calendar and birth of the building and people factors for example birth date and gender of occupants. Adjustments, enhancement, remedy and cures would then be applied to synchronize occupant with environment and time to achieve improvement in life.

fengshui designThe fundamental theories of fengshui involves knowledge of the taoist “bagua”, surrounding “theory of yin and yang”, “five elements” and “eight trigrams”. Yin and yang to make it clear that illustrate the evolution of all things that exist and the importance of balancing yin and yang aspects of our lives. Meanwhile, theory of five elements hold the key to remedying and enhancing chi. Eight trigrams represent the transitional phases and movement of chi in heaven, earth and human.

accessories_fengshuiTwo classical school of traditional Feng shui / Fengshui named San He (Landscape or Form School) and San Yuan (Compass School) had carved out the path to most of today’s practiced Feng shui tips and resources in a Fengshui consultation. Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Sin) and Eight Mansions (8 Houses or Pa Chai) as a result of the combination of classical studies are used widely today. Eight Aspirations Theory which was derived later (back in Ching Dynasty) had also been incorporated with much success in the practice of Fengshui to generate wonderful results in modern living.

Today, Fengshui is only one part of your life and business to be success.

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